Agritourism and Wellbeing

Wake up to the chirping of the birds that live around our agritourism. The greatest wellbeing is in the little things.

You’ll only need a single holiday, or even a short break, at our agritourism to regain your wellbeing. Relaxation and wellbeing are two words which characterise the atmosphere in which our two rustic farm houses are set, the Rio di Sopra Farm and the Piratello. Both are strategic locations to visit Umbria and Tuscany, or to simply enjoy a regenerative experience without ever leaving the grounds.

To reach our agritourism, you’ll drive down country roads lined with olive trees and vineyards, with uncultivated fields in bloom and sunflowers. You’ll gradually immerse yourself in nature and realise that you’re in the ideal place for cutting ties with the routine. If you want, you can leave the world behind here to rebalance body and mind and dedicate precious time to yourself.

Regain your confidence amidst open green spaces; rediscover the joy of being caressed by the wind, or of clearly distinguishing the scents of spring and autumn during a walk in the hills. Let yourself be pampered by the pleasant silence that pervades the entire agritourism. Wellbeing comes together here in the little big things.

We don’t have a spa or wellness centre, but we can organise long walks along the Lake Trasimeno coastline or into wooded areas nearby. You won’t find a sauna in your room, but if you’d like we can organise a cooking class so you can learn the secrets of traditional Umbrian cuisine … you’ll soon be kneading pasta! Some of our guests choose our agritourism for group meditation and fasting, a way of regaining equilibrium and consciousness of yourself in the here and now.

This is our wellness itinerary. It starts with the sun that shines through the windows of our farm houses and ends with a chat at sunset or in front of the fireplace, when the evenings are cooler. This is exactly what you’ll take away and always remember: genuine things, attention to detail, taking care of relationships and all the small things. We believe that real luxury resides in authenticity. If you believe this too, book your stay now and get ready to rediscover that splendid smile on an unforgettable holiday.